Sunday Suppers

This is my passion: I love traveling the world to savor its incredible variety of foods. I have eaten wonderful, sometimes awe-inspiring, meals in faraway places, in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. And I want people here in Santa Fe to experience what I have tasted. After all, our first experience of another culture is often its food.


I am truly sorry that I cannot always accommodate everyone who wishes to attend my Sunday Suppers. But the fact that so many of you would like to eat at my table on a Sunday evening tells me you must enjoy my meals, which is a serious source of pleasure. Cooking and feeding people is my joy!


Some of you might get a bit perturbed from time to time when you learn you have not responded quickly enough to an email announcing one of my suppers. And, unfortunately, you find yourself on my waiting list. I hope an explanation of my selection process will clarify my method and ameliorate the disappointment you might feel.


First, as you know, I don’t have a restaurant. My Sunday Suppers are served at my home, and I simply cannot always seat everyone who wishes to attend. You might think this is a good problem to have. But some days I think my seating problem is like the Guinness World Records effort: How many people fit in a Volkswagen?


You wouldn’t be comfortable, however, if you were seriously crammed – like the folks in that Volkswagen – around my Sunday Supper tables. Unfortunately, I don’t have room in my house and patio for more than 16 people in the summer (from late May to early September) or more than 14 inside the house the rest of the year. It is simply too cold here after the summer passes to force folks to eat on the patio. But another factor also limits the number of people I can serve. I only have enough chairs to seat 16 people!


My Method: I have spent many waking hours trying to figure out how to fairly select who attends my meals. When I send out an email announcing a Sunday Supper, people respond quickly. Often the reservation list fills up within the first hour, sometimes in the first 15 minutes! But the list is always full within 24 hours. My solution is to take reservations – for both the supper and its waiting list – on a first-come, first-served basis. After the meal reservations fill up, names go on a waiting list. I almost always have last-minute cancelations, and if that happens, a few people on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to attend. If I have an overwhelming response, I will CONSIDER doing a second dinner, sending out an announcement first to the people on the original meal’s waiting list. That’s what I did for the Cuban Sunday Supper. This is my current method of selection and the way I plan to conduct Sunday Supers in the future.


If you have questions I didn’t answer, please send me an email.


Oh, by the way, The Guinness World Record for the most people to fit in a Volkswagen was 20, set in 2010.

Since Epicurean Odyssey, A Supper Club, is a private experience limited to 14-16 guests, reservations are required.  To make reservations, receive updates or for more information, please contact:


Emily Swantner


NOTE:  Because of the nature of this supper club, I, unfortunately, am unable to accommodate food allergies or aversions.

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Sunday Suppers

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